Empowering organizations, leaders, HR and Salespeople

With our world-class diagnostic tools, we maximize organizational performance and develop tailor made programs for our clients worldwide


Drive excellence with our diagnostic tools

SCHEELEN USA is a well established consulting company, focusing on Organizational Design, Change-Management and Leadership as well as developing successful Sales people. Based on our world-class diagnostic tools like INSIGHTS MDI®, OutMatch ASSESS by Scheelen and Stress-prevention RELIEF by Scheelen we develop and implement tailor made programs for our clients worldwide.


Provide purpose and direction with clear objectives

We measure the status quo, we analyze your needs and we build a unique program based on your needs to help your company to perform at its best.

Our task is to develop existing potential and foster (or help grow) relevant competencies of your personnel. This could be targeted at individuals, at teams or the whole organization.


Retain talent with people-focused progression 

As a family-run, mid-size consultancy, we operate in an international network of experts and trainers. Over the past 25 years, we have always applied an integrated approach in our field of business. At the same time, our own company demonstrates that growth, evolution and innovation work especially well, if one remains faithful to one’s business philosophy, if one decides not to rest on one’s laurels and if one stays focused on the benefit of all clients. Our references include renowned companies and over 1.000 partners.

Help employees retain their resilience

Discover TALENTS


INSIGHTS MDI® is an integrated diagnostic tool for talent identification and potential development. It assesses an individual’s behavior, motives and emotional intelligence. The tool allows businesses to put their recruitment and talent management on a solid scientific basis.

Develop Competences


The scientifically funded OutMatch ASSESS by SCHEELEN® tools enable businesses to define the skills they need for their future success. The developed target profiles allow not only the evaluation of current staff members, but also to compare the skills of applicants to the businesses' needs. Hence, satisfying and effective teams can be build and recruitment processes improved. For the latter, the tools provide additional competency-related interview question. To sum up, the OutMatch ASSESS tool is an ideal basis for a sustainable leadership development and coaching process.

FOR resilience and stress reduction

RELIEF Stress Prevention by SCHEELEN®

Only those who are psychologically resistant can cope with stress and burdens. Organizations need to create a working environment that makes their employees feel comfortable. Humans only stay healthy, motivated and productive in a positive working atmosphere fulfilling meaningful tasks.

 Strenghten leadership

Zenger | Folkman 

Extraordinary leaders can increase the profits of the company, they can improve the working atmosphere and reduce staff turnover rates. In order to identify exceptional leadership skills compared to good leadership skills, profound methods are needed.


We are your Business Partner for people development and business growth

Our main focus is threefold: 

to help European/German companies to grow their international business

to help American companies to succeed in the German/European market

license organization for training, diagnostic & publication for international partner & companies

Frank M. Scheelen

The success of your business is driven by your people

You need your managers to nurture top performers, with clear development plans and progression opportunities.

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SCHEELEN MOTORSPORT & EVENTS has made this world accessible to its sponsors and business partners and created a unique business platform from it.

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